The rules of weight loss

Four rules and no calorie counting
Those who do not care about extra pounds and health problems may not read further. But for those who do not want to get fat, the experts offer some simple recommendations. They will help reduce the caloric content of the daily menu, and without special diets and tedious counting calories. If you wish and with the permission of a specialist, you can also use this remedy:
1. “Our daily diet must include three complete protein dishes – lean meat, fish, cottage cheese and egg white – for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” both experts agree. It is protein that provides a feeling of fullness for a long time. In addition, proteins are composed of amino acids, some of which we get only with food, in the body they are not synthesized, being essential.
2. There are two ways to reduce the caloric content of your favorite foods – by changing the way they are cooked and the ingredients. As you know, fatty foods have more calories, because the energy value of fat (9 kcal per 1 g) is more than twice as high as that of proteins and carbohydrates (4 kcal per 1 g). So by replacing fatty mayonnaise with low-fat yoghurt in the salad, you can noticeably (7-8 times) reduce the overall calorie content of the dish.
3. In the dietary regime to focus on the first half of the day. “For dinner, it is advisable to limit yourself to a protein dish and vegetables,” agree both experts. “If from some favorite caloric food we can not give up in any way, then move it to the first half of the day, for example for breakfast,” advises Sofia Eliashevich.
4. Our table should necessarily include vegetables at least twice a day – at lunch and for dinner. And the ideal snack is fruit. “A modern person should eat 400 grams of fruit and vegetables a day. This provision was made not so long ago in the recommendations of European and American endocrinologists, cardiologists and nutritionists,” explains Eliashevich.
How exactly can we reduce the caloric content of our diet and how effective is this approach in practice?