Being a Lung Cancer Caregiver

It is never easy seeing someone you love suffer from cancer. But, as a loved one, it is our duty to be there for them in this trying time. After all, our emotional support and love will mean the world to them at this point of time. Being a caregiver can be extremely challenging. There will be times when your loved one will push you away, or emotionally block you from their feelings. You have to understand that they are doing this because they think that you cannot be there for them till the very end- but you would have to stick around and prove to them that you can. Believe us, it is worth just being near them and helping them any way you can.

Sometimes, your support might not be enough. That is the first lesson you must learn as a caregiver. You must not feel shy of asking others for help. There are many support groups where you can go with your loved one. These support groups are full of people going through the same ordeal and they will be able to help you adjust and understand what is going on.

Being a caregiver to a lung cancer patient can be very trying- both physically and emotionally. You have to remember to take some time off, just for yourself, so that you can keep on doing this. It will not do you, or your loved one any good if you break down. You should not feel guilty about it, either. You’re tired- it happens, and it is perfectly normal.

The toughest part of being a caregiver is having to learn that there might be an end to this. An end that is not entirely too pleasurable. You have to hope for the best- remember, even after all plagues were unleashed on the earth, hope still remained in the jar. You can hope to provide them with the care they need to get through this tough time- and hope that things work out for the best.